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Branding & Logo Design

Skills you are Guaranteed to aquire.

Flyer Design
Banner Design
Advanced editing
Logo Designs

Software Used In Training

Learn Real-world web design skills to build real-world professional websites that are fully mobile responsive

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Ilustrator

Corel Draw

Our Programs - What You'll Learn.

This course includes our updated coding exercises so you can practice your skills as you learn.

Fundamentals of adobe Illustrator

Master the basics of Adobe Illustrator, learning essential tools and techniques to create stunning vector graphics.

  • Have a deep understanding of typography, color theory, photos, layout, blocking and other design theory and skills
  • Understand and learn the essential tools and capabilities of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
Advanced techniques in adobe photoshop

Elevate your Photoshop skills with advanced techniques, exploring intricate features for polished and professional image editing.

  • Learn photo editing and manipulation in Adobe Photoshop
  • Master the pen tool, shape builder tool and other essential vector design tools in Adobe Illustrator.
  • How to create editorial spreads and magazine layouts using Adobe InDesign
  • Understand solid logo design and ad design principles to create compelling campaigns and logos
  • Work through the entire package design process
Branding and visual identity

Dive into the art of branding, developing a keen understanding of visual identity principles to create cohesive and impactful brand designs.

  • Work through an event flyer design to understand strong type hierarchy, balance and overall design layout
  • Learn a few of the upcoming design trends for 2022 and how to create them!
  • Learn the history of fonts and typefaces and how to pair fonts
  • Learn the basics of Affinity Designer and learn the difference between Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer
  • Work through a 7 page vector tracing worksheet and feel confident creating a complex vector illustration by the end of this worksheet
becoming a graphic designer
  • Create Vector Art in Adobe Illustrator
  • Learn How to Encourage and Spark Creativity
  • How to create YouTube thumbnails and social media graphics
  • How to properly give and receive critiques and feedback
  • Understand how to create 3d objects and typography in Adobe Illustrator
  • Discover the latest 2022 updates to the Adobe software and understand the new artificial intelligence filters and tools
  • Learn how to predict future design trends and complete projects that use the most up to date trends
  • Learn about the history of graphic design styles in the last 130 years
  • NEW! Learn about Adobe Photoshop’s generative fill tool and artificial intelligence, AI!

Boost your Graphic Design Career by getting Adobe Certified

Follow a structured learning path, access resources, and practice with mock exams before acing your certification!

Project You'll Build Before Training Ends.

A few list of Project You'll Build Before Training Ends.

A Company's Logo

Advertisement Banners & Business Cards

Full Business Branding

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Learn with passionate instructors

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UI/UX Student
Thanks to Linkon net Technologies unique training experience, I acquired in a few months the necessary skills to integrate the world of UX Design and develop innovative solutions that meet users’ needs.


UI/UX Student
My training at Linkon net allowed me to build the foundation of necessary skills to integrate the world of UX Design and develop innovative solutions that meet users’ needs.


I have succeeded in my professional reconversion from civil engineer to UX designer! Backed by the whole community, I landed my first job in just one month! My new job is very rewarding!
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