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COURSE ON Content Creation

Brand Building

Video Editing

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Video Editing
Capcut Editing
Facebook Campaign Launch
Content Creation

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This course includes our updated coding exercises so you can practice your skills as you learn.

Lesson 1 : Introduction To Social Medi Marketting

Familiarize yourself with social media platforms and tailor content to the target audience.

Lesson 2 : Learn Conntent Creation.

Develop skills in creating visually appealing and engaging content for social media.

Lesson 3 : Learn the basics of editing video

Learn the essential skills for creating and editing video content suitable for social media.

Lesson 4 : understand how to build social media community

Master methods for audience engagement and community building on social media.

Lesson 5 : How to improve audience engagement with content

Learn how to engage your audience and gain more followers on your social media platforms.

Lesson 6 : Learn the basic analytical Performance

Learn the basic analytical skills to evaluate performance on your platforms.

Lesson 7 : Launch a campaign yourself

Develop and execute a comprehensive social media campaign

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Learn with passionate instructors

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UI/UX Student
Thanks to Linkon net Technologies unique training experience, I acquired in a few months the necessary skills to integrate the world of UX Design and develop innovative solutions that meet users’ needs.


UI/UX Student
My training at Linkon net allowed me to build the foundation of necessary skills to integrate the world of UX Design and develop innovative solutions that meet users’ needs.


I have succeeded in my professional reconversion from civil engineer to UX designer! Backed by the whole community, I landed my first job in just one month! My new job is very rewarding!
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